Thursday, January 22, 2015

Is your Mobile Repaired Properly!!!

If you’re having problems with your phone or a feature isn't working after getting back from repair centre, than it’s totally your fault. The new on-line service came to your door, Pick me India has started with the motto with Happy gadgets & Happy you. If you find your mobile or your gadget not working or damaged than just sign up with Pick me India or Call at the centre. 

Our pick me buddies will catch you shortly at your place only. The first thing Pick me Buddies do is, check out your phone or gadget and take the snapshot of it. After taking your cell phone or gadget they provide you the tracking id by which you can take track your gadget. Pick me India is equipped to help you repair or replace your phone while in limited.

The chart and offers in the pick me India gives you exact figure where you can select what kind of service you need and what it’ll cost. Keep in mind that after giving your gadget or mobile to pick me India, It's their responsibility to take of everything from start to end. Pick me India guarantees that personal info and your other data left on a phone will not be erased.

Track Your Repair

Learn the status of any existing repairs by logging in to Self-Serve, and clicking "Track your device" under Check out more information about pick me India and mobile repair services in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and rest all over India.

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